Login Form Fields

Customize the login form and add custom user defined fields to login screen.

Add New Field to Login

You can add additional fields to login screen. However, you need to implement the validations for these custom fields before login using upme_before_login_restrictions filter. Following example adds a custom field called Access Code to the login form along with predefined fields like username and password.


– upme_login_fields


– Current login fields array, Various parameters(Currently empty array)

add_filter( 'upme_login_fields', 'upme_login_fields', 10 ,2);
function upme_login_fields($fields,$params){
	global $upme;

	$custom_login_fields = array(
		                   array('icon' => 'lock' ,'field' => 'text' ,'type' => 'usermeta' ,
                                         'meta' => 'access_code' ,'name' => 'Access Code' ,
                                         'required' => 1,'help_text' => ''),

	if( $upme->login_form_name == 'subscriber_login' ){
		$fields = array_merge($fields,$custom_login_fields);
	return $fields;

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