Author Posts on UPME Profiles


Introduction to Author Posts

UPME provides the ability to list the posts of an author inside profile. User can only list his own posts after the fields section of the profile. Currently, only normal posts are supported with this feature. Support for custom post types will be added in future.

Configure and Setup Author Posts

Author posts are disabled by default. You need to enable it from the UPME Settings for auhtor posts. Go to UPME Settings -> User Profile Settings to configure the settings for author posts. Following screenshot previews the available settings for author posts. 1 You can enable author posts using the Show recent user posts on profiles setting. Once enabled, you will get additonal settings as shown in the following screenshot. 1 Please note that settings are filled with sample values for your reference. Let’s go through each setting for favorite posts.

  • Maximum number of posts – setting allows you to limit the number of recent posts displayed inside the profile. Default limit contains 3 posts and you can extend it up to 10 posts.
  • Show featured images on posts – setting allows you to enable/disable displaying featured image of post along with the post title. This setting is disabled by default.

Displaying Author Posts

Once necessary settings are enabled, you will see the recent posts lists for each user inside the profile as shown in the following screenshot.