Limit registration for users with valid invitation codes.

Invitation Codes is a free addon provided by UPME for limiting the registration only to invited users. Admin can enable/disable invitation code based registration anytime. Once enabled, users without valid invitation code can’t create a new registration.

Admin can create and send invitation code from the backend and each invitation code will be removed once the allowed quota is used. You can download this addon using the following link.

Download Invitation Codes Version 1.2


  • You should have already installed UPME version 2.1.10 or higher, before using this addon.
  • Upload and extract the upme_invitation_codes zip file into /wp-contents/plugins folder in your WordPress installation.
  • Activate the addon using Plugins section of WordPress.
  • Now you are ready to get started.


  • You can find the invitation codes settings inside the Modules section of UPME Settings.
  • Tick Enable/Disable Invitation Codes setting to enable invitation codes as shown in the following screen.


  • Go to Manage Codes section and create the invitation codes with allowed quota. Quota defines how many users can use the same invitation code.


  • Now admin can send invitation codes to users using the Send Invitation Codes section. You can specify multiple emails by separating with commas.
  • Once invitation is sent, user can find the invitation code inside the email.


  • Registration form will contain a special field called Invitation Code. Users wont be allowed to register without proper invitation code.


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