Pre Sales FAQ

Check the most frequently asked questions before you buy.

  • Can I allow users to select preferred role at registration.?
    Yes. You can allow user role selection using Select User Role at Registration setting in Registration Options
    of UPME Settings
  • You have mentioned about an integration with Woocommerce. What are the exact features available with UPME integration?
    Currently, UPME only allows synchronizing Woocommerce billing/shipping fields. Once synchronized, all Woocommerce billing/shipping fields will be available inside the UPME profile. You can update the information without using Woocommerce profile. Once updated, it will be automatically synchronized with Woocommerce data.
  • Can I restrict viewing of other user profiles to certain user roles and guests?
    Yes. You can restrict other profile viewing for guests by disabling Guest viewing of profiles in Privacy Options and you can restrict it for certain logged in user roles by defining the necessary roles in Logged-in user viewing of other profiles setting in Privacy Options.
  • Can I create private fields, which are only editable by admin?
    Yes. You can create private custom fields using the custom fields section. Also you can let certain fields to be displayed on certain user roles and let them editable by certain user roles.
  • Can I create multiple registration forms with different fields for different user roles?
    Yes. You can achieve this requirement with UPME filters. However, it needs some minor implementations using custom code. All the necessary code is provided in documantation. You can show different fields on different registration forms and force a certain user role for each form.
  • Does UPME allow us to charge a membership fee on registration?
    Currently, payments are not supported in UPME. So you have to use another membership plugin to handle registration with payments. Then you can use UPME to manage profiles.
  • I am using different membership plugin for user registration. However, profiles created through this membership plugin is not available on UPME member list and also those members can’t login using UPME login forms. What’s the issue?
    UPME relies on 3 statuses for managing profiles. These statuses need to be ACTIVE in order for UPME to work properly. when using other plugins for registration, those statuses are left blank in database. So you need to find an action hook of the membrship plugin that gets executed just after registration. Then, you can execute the following code to make the integration with UPME.

    update_user_meta($user_id, 'upme_activation_status', "ACTIVE");
    update_user_meta( $user_id, 'upme_approval_status', 'ACTIVE' );:             
    update_user_meta( $user_id, 'upme_user_profile_status', 'ACTIVE' );
  • Do you have any integrations with bbPress and BuddyPress?
    Currently, we don’t have major integrations with bbPress and BuddyPress.
  • Can we upload non-image files to UPME custom fields?
    Currently, we only allow images as a predefined field type. However, we can use image upload files to upload other type of documents using UPME filters.
  • I can’t get profile picture field into the registration form?
    Currently, file uploads are not allowed on registration form. So you can’t add profile picture into the registration form. However, we might add file upload support in future.
  • Can I add file fields to registration form.
    Currently, file uploads are not allowed on registration form and backend profile. You can upload files using frontend profile.
  • I want to enable Email confirmations and Admin approvals for new registrations. However, those settings are not available in my settings panel. Why isn’t showing up?
    You need to enable User Selected Passwords to use Email confirmations and Admin approvals on new registration.
  • I dont like to use both reCaptcha and Fun Captcha for my registration form. Can I use any other captcha plugin
    Yes. You can use the Captcha plugin by Websoft. Also you can add support for any captcha plugin by implementing the necessary UPME filters.


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