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You might have already looked at several plugins for managing your user profiles. Before you purchase UPME, you will want to know why you should choose our plugin over other similar plugin. Following section explains why UPME is the ultimate choice and why you should consider buying it for managing profiles.

1) Features and Addons

UPME provides a comprehensive list of features for managing user profiles. It provides features much more that just registration, login and profile management. There are features on wide range of areas such as content restriction, advanced profile management, security of user account,searching, email management etc.. Also UPME provides wide range of free and premium addons for extending the capabilities of core modules. You can take a look at the complete features list here.

2) Flexibility

This is one of the key features of UPME compared to other plugins. UPME provide an elegant front-end user profiles, registration forms and member lists. You have the ability to customize various sections in UPME generated screens using various UPME settings. Also UPME settings section allows you to customize many features such as enable/disable user approvals, enable/disable/customize email notifications, specifying user roles for registration and many more. Some of your custom requirements might be beyond the settings section. I such cases, we provide many actions and filters for customizing UPME. You might know that implementation of actions and filters requires coding knowledge. We do offer sample code for our filters and actions. If you are not comfortable working with code, you can easily get automated implementation of these filters using UPME All In One addon created by the lead developer of this plugin. In short, UPME is a highly flexible plugin for customizing the existing features. However, if you need a completely new feature, you will have to go through our customizations process.

3) Life Time Updates for Free

We do offer free life time support through our support forum. There are many other plugins that offers free life time support. However, difference in UPME is that you can directly get responses to your support questions from a UPME developer and hence your issues can be sorted out very quickly. Even get your feature suggestions directly to the developer and get it implemented in UPME core.

4) Customization Support

This is where UPME various from other similar plugins. Most plugin do offer free support. But you might not be able to get the support of the plugin developer to do your customization requests. UPME lead developer offers paid customizations in short time frame. In most occasions these customizations are provided in a way that you can update the plugin without loosing changes. You may not get such opportunity by hiring other developers.

5) Team and Experience

UPME is maintained by a team of experienced people. Owner of UPME has experience over 2 years working with premium plugins. UPME itself has been there for over 2 years now with 5000+ successful customers. Apart from that, current UPME lead developer has over 5 years of experience in developing on WordPress. He is the author of WordPress Web Application Development book. He shares his experience with others on many popular sites such as Sitepoint, WpTuts, 1stWebdesigner. Currently, he is managing the development of his own addons at

In this section, we have listed the most unique things in UPME compared to other plugins. You will also get many other things that are common to similar user management plugins. If you feel UPME is the right choice, click on the following link a grab your copy today.

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