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UPME 2.0.25 Released – Instruction for Updating


We have released UPME version 2.0.25 on 25th February 2015. This version contains major new features as well as many bug fixes and hence its important to get your version updated to 2.0.25. Following list shows all the features and bug fixes released in this version.

  • New Feature : Import/Export UPME custom fields
  • New Feature : Import/Export UPME settings
  • New Feature : Profile deletion for users from frontend
  • Added : additional parameters to registration and profile filters
  • Added : support for custom titles in latest members widget
  • Added : support for Enable/Disable username on register form header
  • Added : support for + sign in email validation
  • Added : support for customize text of “Your Name will Appear Here”
  • Added : HTML support for help text option
  • Added : settings section for managing custom fields
  • Fixed Bug : issue with blank email templates
  • Fixed Bug : compatibility issues with Woocommerce recent versions
  • Fixed Bug : error with FunCaptcha latest version
  • Fixed Bug : translation issue in recaptcha titles
  • Fixed Bug : error in activation message content
  • Fixed Bug : PHP notice in profile field save process
  • Fixed Bug : PHP notice in woocommerce tab
  • Fixed Bug : PHP notice in UPME cards
  • Fixed Bug : PHP notice when country is set to blank

Instructions for Updating from Previous Versions

  • This version contains 4 new settings. Please go to respective settings sections mentioned in the following section and set the values for those 4 settings, so that you what is being modified in this version.
    1. Modules -> Custom Fields -> HTML for Help Text
    2. UPME Settings -> User Profile Settings -> Delete User Profiles
    3. UPME Settings -> Registration Options -> Registration Form Title Message
    4. UPME Settings -> Registration Options -> Update Registration Form Title with Display Name
  • New email template was introduced for delete profile confirmation. So please go to Modules -> Email Templates and check the content for Profile Removal Confirmation for Users. If its set to blank, please click the reset button to reset the template content.
  • Some of our users faced issues with blank email templates in last version. So go to Modules -> Email Templates and check the content for all the available emails one by one. If one or more templates are set to blank, please click the reset button to reset the template content.

If you still have issues after following the given instructions, please use the Support Forum to create a ticket.


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