UPME 2.1.03 – System Requirements and Changelog


System Requirements

  • WordPress 4.3
  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • Woocommerce 2.4.6 (If you are using Woocommerce with UPME)

Upgrade Instructions

Make sure to take a backup of your custom fields using UPME Settings -> Modules -> Import/Export section before using the new custom fields manager.


  • Custom field manager functionality and performance– Major changes in custom fields manager including 100% usage of AJAX. This solves the field limitation we had with PHP max_input_vars setting. Also now custom fields uses less memory and less time to load. Only custom fields will be loaded in initial page load. Settings for custom fields will be retrieved using AJAX by clicking the Edit Field button.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.3 – Deprecated code on UPME widgets were removed and new user notification email function is changed to be compatible with 4.3
  • Support for Woocommerce 2.4.6 – This version is compatible Woocommerce 2..4.6. UPME-Woocommerce tab templates are updated and hence may not work with previous Woocommerce versions.
  • Field name to update notifications email – Field key was used in profile field update notification emails. Now both field name and field key is available in email.
  • Issue with detecting Woocommerce in multisite – When Woocommerce is used in multisite, UPME couldn’t detect it as a active plugin. Its fixed with this version.
  • UPME Visual Composer code loading in frontend – UPME-Visual Composer shortcodes were loading in frontend pages creating unnecessary performance issues. Now its only loaded on backend.
  • Quotes not working on combined search – Until this version, users were not able to search custom field values with single quotes. Now single quotes are supported in search.
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Rakhitha Nimesh
Rakhitha Nimesh
Rakhitha is working on the development team for UPME. He is a WordPress developer and open source enthusiast. He likes writing for popular websites such as Sitepoint and Wptuts and recently published a book on WordPress Web Application Development. You can contact him for freelance work on upme at innovativephp@gmail.com
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