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UPME 2.1.06 – System Requirements and Changelog


System Requirements

  • WordPress 4.3
  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • Woocommerce 2.4.6 (If you are using Woocommerce with UPME)


  • Custom designs for private content messages– Permission denied messages were displayed in plain text in previous versions. Now you can display permission denied messages in a template with predefined designs and icons. Currently, this is only available for user role and custom field restrictions of [upme_private] shortcode.
  • Latest members shortcode and design – New shortcode is introduced to display latest members in any part of the site using [upme_latest_members_list]. This shortcode supports a single user role filtering as well.
  • Header and cover image designs – 2 New header and cover image designs has been introduced in this version. Both new header designs requires cover image to work properly. You can use the old designs or new designs for the header using UPME Settings -> User Profile Settings -> Profile Header Design setting.
  • Setting to enable/disable Visual Composer shortcodes – Visual composer shortcodes are disabled by default to improve performance of the site. You can enable Visual Composer shortcodes by UPME Settings -> General Settings -> Visual Composer Shortcodes Status.
  • Ajax loading icon to form submit buttons – Rotating icon is added to submit button on registration and edit profile to indicate that the form is processing and prevent multiple submissions.
  • Shortcode attribute to hide profile tabs – Once profile tabs are enabled, it will be displayed on all the profile shortcodes in non-compact view. Sometimes its necessary to switch off profile tabs, specially in profiles in modal windows. In such cases, you can use hide_profile_tabs=yes on [upme] shortcode to hide tabs for specific profile shortcodes.
  • Issue with post buttons on archive pages – In earlier versions, post buttons for Favorites, Recommend and Reader displayed in archive pages having conflicts with functionality as well as design. Now post buttons are removed from archive pages and only available in single page or post.
  • Support override BuddyPress/BBPress avatar with UPME Picture – Now UPME profile picture will be automatically used in BuddyPress and BBPress profiles, activity and other features.
  • Social login support to login widget – Now social login buttons are supported in login widget. If you have social logins enabled on your site, it will be automatically displayed on login widget. We will introduce a setting to enable/disable it in future versions.
  • Issue with password field in edit profile – In earlier version, error message was not displayed when filling out the password and submitting the profile details without confirm password. This issue has been fixed.
  • Captcha support to system generated login forms – In earlier versions, we didnt have a way to add captcha verification to login forms generated by acessing restricted content. Now you can use UPME Settings -> Login Options -> Captcha on Login Forms setting to enable/disable captcha verification on all the login forms generated dynamically from the plugin.
  • Issue with profile post tabs – Profile tabs generated conflicts when having multiple complete profiles on the same page. Now this issue has been resolved.
  • Edit address link from Woocommerce tab – This link was removed from UPME-Woocommerce tab as it requires going into Woocommerce profile to edit the value.

UPME 2.1.05 Changelog

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Rakhitha Nimesh
Rakhitha Nimesh
Rakhitha is working on the development team for UPME. He is a WordPress developer and open source enthusiast. He likes writing for popular websites such as Sitepoint and Wptuts and recently published a book on WordPress Web Application Development. You can contact him for freelance work on upme at
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