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UPME 2.1.09 – System Requirements and Changelog


System Requirements

  • WordPress 4.3
  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • Woocommerce 2.4.6 (If you are using Woocommerce with UPME)

Upgrade Instructions

  • If you are upgrading from a older version, I strongly recommend you to take a database backup as well as backup of upme folder inside your /wp-content/uploads folder. We have introduced automatic profile image resizing feature. If there is a conflict when using this feature, you might end up losing profile images. So make sure to take the backups.If you are installing UPME for the first time, you can skip this part and you won’t have any issues.


  • Automated profile image resizing– Profile image resizing was a major issue in previous versions. Users tend to upload large image for profile pictures and hence increases the load time specially on member lists. Now we have introduced automatic resizing feature for profile pictures.By default, this feature is disabled. You can enable it using UPME Settings -> UPME Profile Settings -> Enable Profile Image Resize. Once enabled you will get 2 other settings called Profile Image Resize Width and Profile Image Resize Height. By default these settings are set to 100px and hence profile image will be resized to 100px*100px. You can change these settings to increase the size of uploaded profile picture. So now we will have the original image on the server as well as thumbnail image(resized). Resized image will be displayed on profile header and full size image will be displayed inside the profiles if required.
  • Setting to disable UPME – Woocommerce styles– UPME loads Woocommerce general styles file when Woocommerce is activated. This file creates conflicts with some of the themes and layout styles changes. In such cases, you can use UPME Settings -> Scripts and Styles -> Disable Woocommerce Default CSS for UPME setting to disable the CSS file and resolve conflicts.
  • Facebook profile image synchronization– If user registers through Facebook login, user will get the Facebook profile picture into UPME profile by default. This feature only works on registration. If you change UPME profile picture or Facebook profile picture, you can’t synchronize the Facebook profile picture again.
  • Excel file mime type for import feature– Only CSV files were supported in Import feature. Now you can save CSV file as Excel and import the Excel file.
  • Registration Redirect setting not working– This settings was not working properly and now its been fixed.
  • Issue with Woocommerce panels inside UPME– Woocommerce Orders, Downloads, Reviews panels were not displaying properly in last version and its been fixed in this version.
  • Remove regular expression search for select/radio fields– UPME used regular expression search for all the fields. So there was an issue with select/radio fields when you have similar options. For example: Assume you had male/female as options. Searching for male retrieved results from both male and female as the regular expression matched both values. Now only the exact option value will be searched on select/radio fields.

UPME 2.1.08 Changelog

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