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UPME 2.1.11 – System Requirements and Changelog


System Requirements

  • WordPress 4.5
  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • Woocommerce 2.4.6 (If you are using Woocommerce with UPME)


  • Compatibility with WorPress 4.5– This version fixes some js errors related to WordPress 4.5 Version.
  • User ID parameter to upme_profile_label_{meta} filter– In earlier versions, only label was passed as a parameter to this filter. Now you will get 2nd parameter as array of values. Currently, this array containes User ID with the key id.
  • New date format– Now you can use this new date format as your default date format for all UPME date fields.
  • Typo error in profile status options– Fixed typo errors in Bulk Options dropdown related to User Activation.
  • Issue with empty meta key for separator fields– Earlier versions allowed you to create separator fields with empty meta keys and caused various conflicts inn field order. Now you can’t create separator fields without meta keys.
  • Issue in woocommerce country field in UPME– UPME saves Country Name in database instead of Country key. Therefore, Woocommerce country fields didn’t work properly when synchronzed with UPME profile. Now this issue is fixed and UPME saves Country key in database for Woocommerce fields.
  • Issue in profile field updating when using addons– In earlier version, we had a conflict with profile fields not updating due to addons. Now this issue has been resolved and UPME is fully compatible with the addons.
  • Issue with modals for WP 4.5– WordPress version 4.5 generated an error called Syntax error, unrecognized expression: a[href=#upme_inner_modal]. Now this issue is fixed and UPME is compatible with WordPress 4.5.
  • Issue with profile images getting deleted on save– In earlier version, we had an issue where profile image gets deleted when uploading/deleting images from other image fields. Now this issue has been fixed.

UPME 2.1.10 Changelog

Profile Status
Rakhitha Nimesh
Rakhitha Nimesh
Rakhitha is working on the development team for UPME. He is a WordPress developer and open source enthusiast. He likes writing for popular websites such as Sitepoint and Wptuts and recently published a book on WordPress Web Application Development. You can contact him for freelance work on upme at
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