Recommended Posts/Pages


Introduction to Recommended Posts

UPME Recommended posts allows users to recommend posts/pages/custom posts to other users and list the recommended posts inside the profile for future references.

Configure and Setup Recommended Posts

Recommended posts are disabled by default. You need to enable it from the UPME Settings for recommended posts. Go to UPME Settings -> Modules -> Posts and Pages to configure the settings for recommended posts. Following screenshot previews the default settings screen for posts and pages. 1 You can enable recommended posts using the Recommendation Module Status setting. Once enabled, you will get additional settings as shown in the following screenshot. 1 Please note that settings are filled with sample values for your reference. Let’s go through each setting for recommended posts.

  • Enable Recommend On – setting allows you to enable recommended posts feature on selected posts/custom post types/pages. It’s recommended to only enable it on necessary types to improve performence. All the post types available on your site will be listed for selection. You will get a button to Recommend the post on selected post types.
  • Enable Recommend for – setting allows you to define the user roles for recommend posts. Currently, recommendations are only available for logged-in users with selected user roles for this setting.
  • Default Featured Image for Recommended Posts – WordPress posts and custom post types contains featured image. If featured image is not defined for a recommended post, image uploaded for this setting will be used as the default.

Using Common Settings for Recommended Posts

You can find the Common Settings section at the end of the page. These settings are common to Favorite Posts, Recommended Posts and Post Reader. Let’s take a look at each setting in detail.

  • Content Before Post Buttons – This setting is used to add some help text about the post buttons bar or instructions on how to favorite, recommend or mark posts as read.
  • Enable Post/Page Feature Buttons – This setting defined where the post feature buttons are displayed. You can choose to display the buttons Before the content, after the content or both before and after content.
  • Featured Image is Enabled For – This setting defines whether display the list with featured images or just the title inside the profile tab. If you add Recommend as an option to this setting, Recommended posts list on profile will be displayed with a featured image.

Now you are ready to use Recommended posts for users. You can go to a sample post/page/custom post that you selected to see the Recommend button.

Working with Recommended Posts Features

Once enabled, you will see a Recommend button on the selected post types based on the location you choose. Following screenshot previews the Recommend button on a normal post before the content. You can use other options to check the difference in display.


By default, post is not recommended by the logged-in user and hence the button will be displayed as Recommend. User can click the button to recommend the post and add to their recommended list. Once clicked, button will be displayed as Recommended, indicating its already a recommended post. User can click the button to Recommended/Remove Recommendation depending on the current status. Following screenshot previews how post is displayed after Recommended by the user.


Displaying Recommended Posts in Profile

Users can display their recommended posts inside the profile as a separate tab. Recommended posts tab is publicly accessible and its displayed on each user profile with recommended posts. Following screenshot previews how recommended posts are displayed inside the profile.