Getting Support for UPME

Premium plugin development invloves providing free or paid support. As buyers, you expect us to provide support for the plugin and solve your queries. We do have a well organized supporting process for UPME using various channels. You can use this section to identify ways of getting support and what to expect from support.

How to get Support for UPME

We have multiple channels for providing support for UPME related queries. We offer free support for all users as well as paid support, in case someone needs personal attention to solve their queries uregently. Let’s look at the available channels.

  • Support through Codecanyon Comments
  • Themefluent Support Forum
  • Paid Support through Email or Skype

Support through Codecanyon Comments

This is the most basic support channel where anyone with or without a UPME purchase can get answers to their questions. Once you view the sales page for User Profiles Made Easy, you can see a tab called comments as shown in the following screenshot. You can access this page here If you are already logged into Codecanyon, you can put a comment related to your queries.


Usually, this is used for getting answers for pre-sales questions and use of features/settings in UPME. This is not the right place to get answers to bugs/conflicts/configurations in your site. In short, use this channel for pre-sales and generic questions and use support forum to resolve issues in your site.

Themefluent Support Forum

Themefluent support forum is used for solving complex questions and site specific issues from UPME customers. You need to purchase UPME before accessing the support forum. Support forum can be accessed here. First, you need to create an account to use the support forum. If you are having any issues in registering for the forum, please put a comment on Codecanyon comments page mentioning the issue. Following screen previews the account creation screen of support forum.


Once account is created and verified, you can access the support forum for UPME at Following screen previews the UPME forum questions.


Now you can create support tickets for your queries and we will be responding to each of them based on the created date and criticality of your issue. Following are some guidelines for getting support quickly and accuaretely, without wasting time on multiple unnecessary requests and responses.

  • Create your own tickets

    Sometimes you find that many users are having the similar problem and hence you create a comment on other users ticket instead of creating your own. This is good method, if all users are having the exact same issue. But in most occasions, your issue is different to others, even though it seems common to everyone. So I recommend you to always create your own ticket, even if the issue seems common.

    Also another problem here is that we give the priority to the creator of the ticket. So some times it will take long time to get responses for people who commented on the original ticket.

  • Use descriptive titles

    Most users create tickets, with very short and common phrases. In such cases, its difficult for us to identify the criticality. So make sure to use a decriptive title explaining the exact issue. Consider the following examples.

    Bad Titles

    – Custom fields don’t appear

    – Profile Tabs

    – Admin not receiving default email

    Good Titles

    – Required Custom fields don’t appear on Registration Form

    – How to use profile tabs for loading custom content

    – Admin not receiving default email for new user registration

  • Provide detailed descriptions

    Some users provide very short descriptions about the issue and we have no idea what its about. In such cases, we have to do several replies before identifying the issue and thats highly time consuming. Also most users think their issue is a bug common to all users and should be solved quickly. We get only around 10% of bugs, 30% of conlficts with other plugins, and more than 50% of general issues and misunderstandings. So think that you are the first and only one with the issues and explain as much as possible.

  • Provide necessary information for testing

    You can speed up the resolution process by providing key information related to the issue. Some of you may not feeel comfirtable sharing your admin/ftp details. In such cases I recommend you to create test sites so that you can share these info without issues. Following are some of the key information that you can include in your description to speed up the process.

    • Site URL

    • Admin login details

      This is not mandatory. But if your issue cannot be checked on your site without login, its better to include it so that we can avoid several replies to request those information. Always use Private Reply option when sending sensitive data like login details.

    • FTP login details

      This is not mandatory. But if your issue cannot be checked on your site without looking at files, its better to include it so that we can avoid several replies to request those information. I recomend you not to include it in ticket creation as you need to disscuss with the support forum team to know whether its required.Always use Private Reply option when sending sensitive data like login details.

    • Link to the page with this issue

      Most issues occurs in a specific page. It can be either register form, login, profile or settings page. So it makes easier for us to navigate the issue, when you provide the link to the page with this issue.

    • Screenshots

      Screenshots are very usefull in identifying the problems quickly. You might not be able to create screenshots for every ticket. But you should add a screenshots whenever possible. Issues with styles, HTML, invalid error messages, modifications to exiting layout are some of the possible scenarios for including screenshots. Just upload your screenshot to a free file hosting server and share the link in your ticket.

    • Steps to reproduce this issue

      There are some issues which can only be reproduced by following series of steps. Most users explain the issue with all other details. However, in such scenarios, we cant reproduce the issue without following the previous steps. So include a step by step guide to reproduce the issue.

    • WordPress and UPME version

      We find some issues generated from the WordPress or older UPME versions. In such cases its important for us to know the exact versions. By providing version numbers, we can figure out the issue without logging into your site.

    • OS and Browser used to identify this issue

      This is not mandatory and only related to display issues in specific browsers or devices. If you feel the issue is related to a browser or device, make sure to incluude the tested browsers and devices in your ticket.

    • Permission to deactivate plugins/themes

      We are experiecing high percentage of issues in support forum are related to either conflict with a plugin or theme. In such occasions, we need to check whether UPME is causing the issue or any other external plugin or theme. So we deactivate the theme and plugins one by one until we figure out the exact issue. In your ticket, you can mention whether you provide permission to deactivate other plugins/themes for testing so that we can start the testing process without requesting permission again.

Paid Support through Email or Skype

In some cases, your business requires urgent fixes and responses to your clients. So you might need personal attention to your questions with high priority. In such cases, you can get paid support through email or Skype by contacting a UPME developer. You can email and arrange a feasible time for discussion. Paid support is provided at $30-40/hr depending on the complexity of your issue. You can contact UPME developer for paid support using

What to expect from UPME Support

As with every other plugin we do have terms and conditions for using our support forum. Before you buy the plugin you have to know what you can expect from UPME support forum. Following sections explains various common scenarios and how we provide support through our forum.

  • Bugs in UPME

    We always give higher priority for tickets that contains bugs in UPME. However, you have to understand what is a bug and what is not a bug. Basically, we consider following issues as bugs in UPME.

    – When accessing pages, PHP error, notice or warning messages are displayed.

    – UPME feature mentioned in sales page or documentation is not working as mentioned.

    – You get blank screen when trying to access pages.

    – UPME settings, profile data, or any other form is not getting saved.

  • Conflicts with theme or other plugins

    In some occasions, we can find conflicts between UPME and theme or other plugins. If we have mentioned that we support the given theme or plugin, we will be providing support. Also if the conflict is generated from coding issue in UPME, we will be providing support. In all other occurrences, we provide support based on the complexity of the issue and whether we decide it should be solved from UPME developers end.

    In short, we can’t gurantee support for conflicts unless we offically support the mentioned plugins or themes.However, support team will try their best to resolve any conflicts within the allowed scope and time.

  • You dont know how to use a certain feature

    You can always look at the documentation for using available features. However, there can be scenarios where you can find a way to implement what you want. In such cases, we will be providing guidence for using these features through support forum.

  • Customization or integration with plugins

    Most of our users want to extend UPME with customizations or integrating with other plugins. We dont provide support for customizations and integrations through support forum, unless the implementation is very simple and not time consuming.In most scenarios, you will have to use our paid customization service.

  • Feature Requests

    You can use the support forum to explain your idea about a new feature or modifying exisiting feature. We will add those suggestions to our planned features list after verification. If your idea is not common, you will have to use paid customization support to get it implemented.

UPME Customizations

You can get the support of UPME developers to customize your UPME version. There are 2 types of customization requests from UPME users. First, there are users who don’t want to update the UPME version and hence requires customization in UPME core. In such cases, we customize the UPME files to implement the requiremnts. However, upgrading is not possible in this scenario. Secondly, there are users who wants to customize UPME with the possibility of upgrading to future versions. In such cases, we use filters,actions and create addons to provide custom features. So the users can upgrade without affecting or loosing the customizations.

If your requirement and budget is feasible, you can get the support of a UPME developer for custom work in most occasions. Following is the process of custom work.It can be slightly varied depending on the task

Type of Work

– Premium support through email or skype chat – Type 1
– Customizing existing UPME features – Type 2
– Implementing new features for UPME – Type 2
– Installing and Configuring UPME – Type 2
– Integrating UPME with other plugin – Type 3
– Integrating UPME with your theme – Type 3
– Consultation for using UPME in your application. – Type 3

Deilivery Time

Within 3-7 days after initial payment. (This might vary depending on complexity and project scope)

Payment Terms

Minor customizations – Full payment needs to be made upfront

Major customizations- Complete requirements will be split into features and you need to pay upfront for each feature. Once a features is delivered and accepted, payments need to be made for next feature and so on. All payments needs to be made through Skrill or Odesk

Contact Details

Please contact at for custom work and estimations.


We dont have our own refund policy as we are selling UPME through Codecanyon. So we use the same refund poilcy as Codecanyon. Please dont request refunds from us through support forum or Codecanyon comments as we are not handling the refunds. Codecanyon handles all the refunds for UPME. If you are unhappy with our features or service, please contact Codecanyon support requesting a refund.