Third Party Support

Inegrations with Third Party Plugins

UPME plugin provides integrations with popular third party plugins various functionality. In this section, we are going to look at the integrated plugins and the integrated features.

Woocommerce Integration

Woocommerce is one of the most popular E-commerce plugins for WordPress. Many of UPME users are running Woocommerce on their site. So we have provided some integrations for synchronizing UPME profile information with Woocommerce profile information.Let’s get started.

Woocommerce Profile Field Synchronization

Woocommerce provides a set of fields to capture users billing and shipping information. These fields are available in Woocommerce profile. However, these fields not be available in UPME profile by default. So it’s difficult to manage 2 profiles for UPME and Woocommerce. As a solution, UPME provides an option to synchronize Woocommerce fields. Once created, you can edit Woocommerce fields from UPME profile and it will be automatically updated in Woocommerce profile. First, you have to create Woocommerce fields for UPME. You can navigate to UPME Settings -> Sync/Tools section. Following screenshot previews the field synchronization screen.


You have 2 options for creating Woocommerce fields.

  • Sync and keep exisitng fields – Once this option is used, Woocommerce fields will be added to the exisiting fields list. This is the recommended option unless you are aware of the result in the second option.

  • Sync and delete exisitng fields – Once this option is used, exisiting fields will be deleted and Woocommerce fields will be created. This option will delete exisiting built-in fields as well as new fields.

Once you complete the synchronization, you will get a list of Woocommerce fields as shown in the following screenshot. You can edit these fields from UPME profile and it will be automatically updated in Woocommerce profile.

If you want to delete these fields, you can use delete button inline with each field.

Woocommerce Profile Integration

Most users like to use UPME in combination with Woocommerce. However, UPME profile and Woocommerce profile was located on different locations and hence it was difficult to use both profiles. UPME version 2.0.24 and upwards provides the ability to view Woocommerce My Account details within separate tab of UPME profile. Following features are available inside the Woocommerce tab of UPME.

  • Woocommerce shipping and billing information
  • Product reviews
  • Product downloads
  • Order history

Enabling this feature is a simple task. First, you need to have both UPME and Woocommerce activated inside your WordPress installation. Once both plugins are activated, you will get a new settings section inside Modules section, called Woocommerce. You can enable Display Woocoommerce Tab in Profile setting to integrate UPME profile with Woocommerce. Following screenshot previews the Woocommerce settings for UPME.


Once enabled, you will get a separate tab on profile as shown in the following screen.

Please note that you need to enable Profile Tabs Status in User Profile Settings section to see the profile tabs.

Inside the Woocommerce tab, you will get 4 menu items called Account Info, My Reviews, My Downloads, My Orders. Let’s see the functionality of each tab using the following section.

  • Account Info

    This tab displays the user description in Woocommerce and the shipping/billing addresses. Following screen previews the contents of Account Info.


  • My Reviews

    This tab displays the product reviews created by the user. Following screen previews the contents of My Reviews.

  • My Downloads

    This tab displays the downloadable digital products purchased by the user. You can directly download your products using this section. Following screen previews the contents of My Downloads section.


  • My Orders

    This tab displays the product order history in a summarized view. You can click the button to view complete details of an order in a separate window. Following screen previews the contents of My Orders section.


Only the profile owner will have access to the Woocommerce tab. Users don’t have the permission to view Woocommerce profile data of other users. This tab can be used to replace the UPME My Account section. Once its used, users don’t need to access both UPME and Woocommerce profiles. All the Woocommerce specific details will be available within UPME profile.

Captcha Integration

UPME integrates with 3 different type of captcha plugins for preventing spam in both registration and login. Captcha plugins are disabled by default. You can enable the prefered Captcha plugin using UPME Settings -> Registration Options -> Captcha plugin as shown in the following screen.


Once enabled, you have to complete the settings for the prefered Captcha plugin. Finally, you can enable captcha verification on registration form by using [[upme_registration captcha=yes]] and login form by using [[upme_login captcha=yes]].

reCaptcha Integration

Google reCaptcha integration allows you to enable text based and audio based captcha.Since its buil into UPME, you don’t have to install any other plugin.First, you have to create an account here.Then, you need to get reCaptcha Public Key and Private Key to use in UPME settings section. Once keys are used you can use reCaptcha on registration and login. Following screen previews reCaptcha enabled login screen.


FunCaptcha Integration

Funcaptcha integration allows you enable drag and drop based animated captcha verification. First, you need to download and install FunCaptcha plugin here.Then you need to create an account here and get the public and private keys. Finally, you can use these keys in Settings page of FunCaptchs plugin to activate FunCaptcha on your site.Once activated, you can use FunCaptcha on registration and login. Following screen previews FunCaptcha enabled login screen.


Captcha (BestWebSoft) Integration

Integration with Captcha by BestWebSoft allows you to enable mathematical calculation based capthca verification. First, you need to download and install Captcha plugin here.Then you can customize the settings for Captcha plugin. This plugin does not require activation and UPME only supports free version of this plugin. Once settings are saved, you can use Captcha on registration and login. Following screen previews Captcha enabled login screen