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UPME is a full featured front-end user profile, login and registration plugin for WordPress. It is user-friendly, responsive and works with any theme. With this plugin you can stop using the boring and confusing back-end profiles and login/registration forms for your WordPress site and give your users a seamless front-end login, registration and profile experience.

Try UPME for yourself. You can register a new account and view/edit your own profile, or login with our Demo Account for testing: use demo/demo to test

Here is a sample profile showing the author of this page, which may be placed on any post or page using the following shortcode:

[upme id=author]

The result will display the author of the current page or post, like this:

Profile Status
Theme Fluent
About / Bio
A WordPress developer who enjoys creating simple and effective plugins.
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United States
January 13, 1988
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