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Since it’s release, UPME has matured into one of the most popular WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon. The UPME development team is working on improving the plugin every day and introducing a wide range of new features. So we thought it’s time to start an UPME blog to support existing customers and introduce new users into UPME.

As its name suggests, User Profiles Made Easy is developed with goal of replacing the backend WordPress profiles and introduce users to beautiful front end profiles with awesome designs. The main goal of UPME is to let you manage the data for your WordPress users. UPME is a profile management system rather than a membership management system. UPME is evolving every day and the development team is looking to extend UPME beyond general expectations of a profile plugin.

As a potential user, you should be aware of the main features of UPME.

  • Responsive front-end profiles with unlimited custom fields
  • Beautiful front-end Login & Registration forms with shortcodes
  • Customizable, search-able, paginated Members List
  • Unlimited custom fields for profiles and/or registration (text, drop-down, radio, checkboxes, etc.)
  • Works automatically with any existing usermeta data and usermeta fields from other plugins
  • Private content shortcode for member-only protected content
  • Easy to use shortcode generator

These are some of the major features and you can find dozens of additional features on the CodeCanyon page for UPME.

Every day we get requests from customers for to implement new features. We have identified and solved many different uses with UPME plugin. So this blog is intended to support customers to solve their issues and identify the potential of UPME.

Today will be the start of a new journey in utilizing UPME to its full potential, and watching new features develop. This blog will provide articles on the following topics:

  • Releases – Users will be informed about each new release and its features through blog posts.
  • Bug Fixes – Currently, users have to wait till the next release for bug fixes or contact support personally. Now you will find the bugs of each release and the fixes to be applied through blog posts.
  • Tutorials – We will be providing tutorials for using various settings, shortcodes, filters, actions etc..

Stay up to date with the UPME blog to see new features and learn how the plugin can be used to enhance your WordPress website.

Looking forward to seeing you.

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Rakhitha Nimesh
Rakhitha Nimesh
Rakhitha is working on the development team for UPME. He is a WordPress developer and open source enthusiast. He likes writing for popular websites such as Sitepoint and Wptuts and recently published a book on WordPress Web Application Development. You can contact him for freelance work on upme at innovativephp@gmail.com
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