Beautiful Front-End User Profiles for WordPress

Give your users a seamless registration, login and profile management solution with UPME.

Front-End Registration

No need to send users to the confusing back-end WordPress registration form, embed a registration form into any themed front-end page with a simple shortcode.

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Front-End Login

Add a login form anywhere on your site with the easy UPME login shortcode. It works on any page, post, or even in a sidebar widget.

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Front-End User Profiles

Powerful and flexible, yet easy to set up and use. Unlimited custom fields, custom user profile pictures, and a beautiful responsive design.

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Show Profiles Anywhere

The example to the left is the profile of this page’s author. It can be easily added to any post or page with one simple shortcode.

You can display a specific user profile, groups of user profiles, or an entire member directory with a search function and pagination.

The possibilities are endless!

Easy Setup

UPME installs in seconds and is a breeze to get up and running.

  • Shortcode Generator
  • Instantly add Registration, Login, and Profiles anywhere
  • Choose from our many preset fields, or make your own
  • Unlimited custom fields

Flexible Shortcode Options

You can display user profiles in many different ways with UPME’s powerful and flexible shortcode options.

  • Display authors profile (use for author box on posts)
  • Display a specific user profile
  • Display a group of specific profiles
  • Display users based on User Role
  • Member Directory showing all users
  • Search functionality
  • Compact or full profile views
  • Show or hide social bars and user stats
  • Sort users by post count, registration date, name,email etc.
  • Sidebar option for login form
  • Custom redirects for login and registration
  • many more shortcode options!

Awesome Profile Header and Cover Image Designs

UPME provides multiple trending header and cover image designs for the user profiles.


Fully Responsive User Profiles

UPME profiles will automatically adjust to any screen size and can even be used in sidebar widgets.


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Flexible User Custom Field Search

Search users using various custom search filters on custom fields. You can see the search results in the following member directory.


Works with any theme

The default UPME style even looks great on a dark background. If you have some CSS skills you can create your own custom styles.

Here is the compact profile view, one of the shrotcode options:

Custom Fields Features

Private Fields

Private fields are useful for adding private data to user profiles for admin purposes. Only admins can see these fields on users profiles.

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Locked Fields

Locked fields are useful when administrator wants to add private data to profile and let the owner view. Profile owner can’t edit locked fields.

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User Role Based Fields

User Role Based fields allows administrators to setup different custom fields for different user roles and decide each role can edit the field on their profile.

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Registration Form Fields

Administrator can allow any custom field in registration form along with the pre-defined custom fields to capture user login, email and password.

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HTML Fields

Administrator can convert normal custom fields into a HTML field. Once converted, user can add dynamic HTML content to the custom field.

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Shortcode Fields

Administrator can define a custom field as short code field using UPME filters. Once defined, admin can add shortcodes from other plugins and display the output for users.

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Advanced Site Content Restrictions

Protect important site content from various user types using wide range of conditions.


Entire Site Lockdown
Content Restriction Rules

Integrates with WP Private Content Plus (Free) Plugin

Widget Restrictions

Search Restrictions

Private Page

Password Protection

Menu Restrictions

Post Attachment Restrictions

User Profile Tabs

Built-in Profile Tabs for Displaying Additional User Details.

Profile Tab

Profile tab displays all the custom fields created from UPME Custom Fields section. Profile field editing is done through profile tab.

WooCommerce Tab

WooCommerce tab is used to display WooCommerce my account section inside the UPME profile with account info, Reviews, orders and downloads.

Favorites Tab

Favorites tab displays the posts/pages marked as favorites by the profile owner.

Reader Tab

Reader tab displays all the published posts inside the UPME profile with Read/ Unread status based on the profile owner.

Recommended Tab

Recommended tab is used for users to recommend posts to other users. Posts recommended by User A wil be displayed in his profile and User B can view the recommended posts by User A.

Custom Tabs

Custom tabs with dynamic content is not an available feature by default. However, you can use All In One premium addon to add custom tabs to profile.

Awesome Team and Slider Cards

Promote Users with Elegant Card Designs.

Team Cards
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Slider Cards
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Video Training and Tutorials

Quick video walkthroughs and tutorials with tips and tricks for maximizing the power of User Profiles Made Easy.

Quickly Learning Curve

Learn to Use Hidden Features

Pre Sales Feature Checking


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Loaded with Features

Have questions?

  • Elegant front-end profiles
  • Front-end profile editing
  • Front-end login shortcode
  • Integrated lost password function
  • Unlimited Custom Profile Fields
  • Front-end registration forms
  • Redirect back-end registration
  • Easy to use Shortcodes
  • 250+ Font icons
  • Searchable Members List
  • Allow/deny users to edit fields
  • Private, admin-only fields
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