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But if a third party finds out, it's over. But ironically enough, the ongoing pregnancy she laid out in that room, TOEFL, fortunately or unfortunately, was not discovered by anyone. This is the reason why she was pregnant too long. However Because of my trick, her brain can no longer deceive her. In the face of reality, the body quickly returned to its original state. The abdomen that has reached the limit of endurance. "Ah ah ah!" Naito hissed. Even if I don't do anything, Miss Tingzi won't last a few days. Because the body bears the burden of cracking the reverse hypnosis that only deceives the child. But When I think that there is no other better way, I feel very sad. Jingjitang lowered his eyes with chagrin. What is the reality that you don't want to admit at this point? What the hell is going on? What on earth did that woman do to her husband, whom she loved so much? Kiba glanced at Naito again. "Just started.." Naito opened his mouth: At first it was the stalks that came to seduce.. Now that I think of it, I've done something crazy. Naito said with unexpected calm. Compared with Naito in the past, people feel that now is the most stable state. When I got to this old temple house.. About the first year of the war.. It was ten years ago. Because I.. The mother died after she was born. Father did not know when he died. As far as I can remember, I lived on the second floor of the brothel. My adoptive parents, husband and wife, worked as human traffickers who resold women to brothels. Rude, dirty, poor, but sent me to school. Why? Because he had negotiated terms with a strange man who came every month with money. Naito looked up at Kiba. His eyes were still bloodshot, but he didn't look deranged. Yes, my alimony came from somewhere else. Those two guys used to say,mobile racking systems, you're the goose that makes the money. When I was a kid, I didn't know what that meant, ha ha ha! Where do you think the money came from? Who is the person who pays the money to visit the brothel quietly every month? It's the wife of this family! Here's.. Purser, did you send money to the couple for you? Why Naito narrowed his eyes wistfully. At that time, the wife was very beautiful. Always dressed in a dignified way. Once a month, I'd peek in from the shadows. I was thinking.. How happy it would be if this person was really my mother! And then sometimes I think, maybe it's true. Then he smiled a little. But I was wrong. It seems that my real mother died in an accident after giving birth to me in this hospital. My father hanged himself, so the hospital is paying for it. That's what the foster parents said. Very strange, the hospital actually has no reason for compensation, can think of. It's a medical mistake that can't be made public! We still don't know what the accident was. Anyway, those two guys were so sensitive about the smell of money that they adopted me, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,push back racking system, a distant relative, out of their minds! Naito spat at this point. But at the beginning of the war, I don't know what happened. The couple left the students and quickly fled. When I was nineteen years old, my wife came to the place where I lived, which was already half in self-abandonment. It's the first time to speak. Surprisingly, my wife said that she wanted to take care of me on two conditions. One was to carry out the fraud with the master's distance, and then to become a son-in-law after becoming a doctor soon. I responded with two conditions. Then I began to live in this hospital that stinks of medicine. "Is it a condition to be a son-in-law?" The dean doesn't know where I come from. No, maybe I'm aware of it. Anyway, I'm happy. As long as you can leave the brothel that stained with the smell of love between men and women slightly dirty tatami, which is a doctor can do anything, but there is a reason why you are willing to, you know..? Daughter, hehehe. Naito twisted his lips and laughed at himself. "Are you in love with the stalks?" No, it's a big mistake. I'm infatuated with Ryoko! Naito imitated the tone of the wood field and said jokingly, but the end of the words trembled: I fell in love with her at first sight.
But Ryoko is very cold, in front of me, until now even once did not smile. Moreover, I don't know why my wife is very unfamiliar with Ryoko. It was only when I asked her that I learned that because she couldn't bear children, Ryoko had decided not to marry for the rest of her life. "What do you think of the stem?" It's not annoying. But the innocent daughter who grew up in a wealthy family did not match me. I don't know where there is a shadow, very quiet. By the way, it looks like a mother.. Attracted by Ryoko. Is it not torture to marry and live with the sister of the woman you really love? I hesitated, but. When he came back from the expedition, everything changed. "Because of Makuro Fujino's appearance?" Yes. Most people in the world say that I have suffered a loss, I am very upset, in fact, no, my heart is happy. Maybe he can marry Ryoko because of this. What does the purser think about Mu Lang's marriage? Does the old woman want you to be her son-in-law? There seemed to be a heated argument with the dean, and he gave in to the money. The impact of the war is too great. My wife bowed her head and apologized to me, saying that she would take care of me all my life and find a wife for me to be patient. I. Say it doesn't matter, let Ryoko marry me. But when I said so, my wife blushed and said no, if everything else was up to me, only this one was no good, absolutely not. Once again, I feel desperate! "Why?" I don't know why! I lived at a loss and failed in the exam. Soon after, Gengzi and Mulang got married,shuttle rack system, and I was not interested in those two people. But From my room, I could hear the couple's voice very clearly, because it was summer and the window was open. It was about a month after the wedding. I don't want to hear it. But I heard it. It's a conversation with very unusual content. "Abnormal..?" 。
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